Standardized Practices

Productivity hack: Use standardized practices to make your work and day/week run smoother! I was talking to a good friend at lunch about this today. He asked how I was doing the work, coming up with ideas etc. I told him I get up around the same time everyday give or take an hour or […]

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The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Fun fact! I like being alone. I like doing things alone. I like watching movies alone, eating alone, existing alone. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy friends, family, and my amazingly wonderful girlfriend but I like being ALONE. It recharges me to […]

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Web Work: Rabbit Holes

Today has been all interweb work. Trying to find solutions to various domain and hosting problems. It’s all very repetitive and circular. The answer one problem creates the next one. Like a slow spiral in or out, you pick! Even learning how to post that gif was like a 2 minute rabbit hole lol.   […]

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Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! May your drinks be plentiful and your pets secured indoors! I had a blast earlier today at Rotary Clubs of Columbia 4th of July Celebration. Check it out here! We’ll see what other fireworks can crop up today!

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Semi-Retirement: Day 1

I plan on taking a little time off. By time off I mean all of a week to enjoy taking shots in the middle of the day because I can! It feels weird to not have a major responsibility anymore. At first it felt awesome, now it more feels like there’s a hole. I like […]

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